How working from home can be your worst nightmare

Everybody who has to run to the office to make it before 9 am amidst all the traffic storm and having to come back after 5 pm, just to get stuck in the traffic again, dreams of working from home. But…


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4 Easy Steps To Learn Sinhala Language Online

Sinhala is the most spoken language in Sri Lanka

Sinhala is the most spoken language in Sri Lanka. If you are a tourist or a student or a language learner, these 4 steps will be very effective to learn Sinhala easier anywhere you are lived. So, here are 4 steps to learn the Sinhala language free online.

Not only for Sinhala, if you learning any language, but you must also know the basics of that language. If you are an advanced language learner, I suggest you study the alphabet and grammar parts of Sinhala. If you want to speak day to day using words, I recommend you to use Google Translate and practice pronunciation. I list some weblinks to go to learning basics.

Image from IMDB

While learning basics, you can find out more words and phrases from movies. It is a very interesting task and you can note down unknown Sinhala words and improve your Sinhala vocabulary. I link out several popular Sinhala subtitles websites to download for your favorite movie Sinhala subtitles.

Image from Sinhala Podcast (

This is a nice way to familiarize yourself with the Sinhala language. You can listen to Sri Lankan native accents and differences between Sinhala speakers. And also, hearing Sinhala radio conversations and watching Sinhala YouTube videos is a very effective way to improve your ear for the Sinhala language.

OK, next step 4, the next effective step is practicing the Sinhala language with others. So, how can you practice alone without a Sinhala speaker??

You can learn via the Tandem app. What is Tandem app?

Image from

Tandem is a language exchange app that millions of learners exchange their native or learned language with similar learners freely. It is a nice platform for sharing opinions with each other and learning languages by calling and chatting. There are so many Sinhala learners and partners are here. You can signup for Tandem via Android or IOS devices. And also, you can find a partner and do your language learning perfectly from there.



Try these steps again and again. If you think these steps are very valuable, feel free to share this with others.

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