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How working from home can be your worst nightmare

And how to work that out

Everybody who has to run to the office to make it before 9 am amidst all the traffic storm and having to come back after 5 pm, just to get stuck in the traffic again, dreams of working from home. But now, most people are working from home and they find that their dream is in fact, a nightmare. Working from home, when done wrong can ruin your life (mine was!). You have to put stricter boundaries and be more disciplined to be a productive worker when you are working from home in your PJs.

People usually think that they can join the virtual meetings by waking up 5 mins before the meeting and going back to a snooze after the call. That sounds like a paradise but never do that. Discipline yourself to wake up way before the meeting, wash up, change clothes, have good breakfast, and mentally prepare for the meeting before the call commences. Discipline!

It is very easy to keep on working despite going over the usual working hours. Don’t do this! This is step 1 to ruin your life. If you start to lose your working hour boundaries, your work-life balance will tip over. You will no longer feel the urge to finish working during your working hours and you will start to procrastinate. This is a downward spiral. Set strict working hours and adhere to that no matter what.

If possible, have separate work and play machines. If it is not possible, it is even recommended to shut down your computer at the end of your workday and reboot it for your playtime. Save your web browser tabs for your work or have a separate web browser/window for your playtime. Small things matter.

Physical activities are super important! I cannot stress this enough! Job, do push-ups, do yoga stretches before taking a shower. When you are working from home, your physical activities are dramatically reduced and this can affect your physical and mental health.

Practice mindfulness. Mindful meditation sessions are really helpful. Your inner voices will be louder when you are working from home (since you have less external voices). This is not good and you have to calm yourself down. It was one of the hardest parts for me.

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