The 5 Lessons I Learned in 2018

My favorite book I have ever read is Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. One of Dr. Frankl’s lessons that still resonates with me to this day is his comparison of two elderly men. Details…


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Six characteristics to be extraordinarily efficient

Skills to take control of your life

We allow ourselves to in majority live in a reactive state. Just that, reacting to either pleasure or pain. Radically efficient individuals know the importance of choosing how they condition and what into their subconscious. They understand how to implement wisdom and break it down into practicality. This comprehension will put into practice a very rare discernment in our everyday life.

Here are six uniquely powerful characteristics to append structure to your personal development, yet absolute presence in your day-to-day.

Why this isn't stressed enough or addressed in schools is beyond me. But this progressive ability to identify and problem solve with abrupt agility is essential in today's world. The world needs more critical and creative thinkers, those who can skillfully blend science and art.

Unfortunately, no one is coming to save you. Learn and implement practical wisdom and use your innovative solutions. Thus the quicker and more efficiently you come to terms and learn to dissect and objectively analyze situations or obstacles no matter the complexity.

We all have it, some more than others, that intuitive ability to trust our gut feeling. Learning to trust oneself in a vast part is knowing oneself. This inner voice trying to steer us in the right direction is something that's developed and addressed.

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